June | 2015 | Kidbacker

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Meghana Krishnakumar

By Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO and Founder, KidBacker  Young entrepreneurship is taking root, growing, and blossoming right here in KidBacker’s home base of Sarasota, Florida. At the Pine View School for the Gifted, one student decided to start an organization called ThinkBox for peers with a hunger for knowledge about entrepreneurship in the real world. That student is Meghana … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Julia and Nina Mewborne

By Francesca Cassola, Sophomore Franklin & Marshall College & KidBacker Intern Sisters Julia (18) and Nina (14) Mewborne, creators of Las Hermanas Ice Cream, have embraced an entrepreneurial spirit from the start. When they were younger, they hosted lemonade stands and sold bracelets, but now, they fully operate their own ice cream truck! Able to … Continued