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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Megan Grassell

By: Marie Griffin, Content Strategy Director, KidBacker   Yellowberry, which makes bras for young teen girls, was founded by a 17-year-old “big sister” who dared to ask, “What is the hurry to grow-up so fast?” Megan Grassell was shopping with her younger sister, who was looking for her first bra, and she was appalled that … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Ryan Kelly

Written by: Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO & Founder, KidBacker and Francesca Cassola, Sophomore, Franklin & Marshall College & KidBacker Intern We all know the feeling when our pets don’t want to eat a certain treat or meal, and it can be tiring at times to search for the safest and healthiest treats for our lovable pets. … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Keon Howard

By Francesca Cassola, Sophmore Franklin & Marshall & KidBacker Intern Craving a unique dessert waffle to satisfy your sweet tooth? 15-year-old Keon Howard AKA Batter Boy has the solution: KaFFLES. KaFFLES by Batter Boy are cake-flavored waffles with unique drizzles on top of them. You can choose from a variety of flavors for your KaFFLE including … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight – William Zhou

By Francesca Cassola, Sophomore Franklin & Marshall College & KidBacker Intern Before the age of 23 William Zhou had already started and sold his own business, been named Forbes 30 Under 30, and created an incredibly successful education software company called Chalk.com. William has been passionate about entrepreneurship from a young age, starting his first business … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brea and Halle Holmes

By Francesca Cassola, Sophomore Franklin & Marshall College and KidBacker Intern When Brea (21) and Halle (15) Holmes went on a shopping trip to find beauty products for their spa party, they were disappointed when they could not find any for teens or tweens. After realizing that natural beauty products for their age demographic were nonexistent, the … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jeremiah James

By Francesca Cassola, Sophomore Franklin & Marshall College & KidBacker Intern Introducing Chef Jeremiah James, long-time cooking enthusiast and well known young entrepreneur. Chef Jeremiah has been featured on WBAL-TV and ABC 2 News, awarded the Joe Mann’s Black Wall Street Award and the He Matters Award, showcased as a Smart Agent, written about in Dream Teen … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Meghana Krishnakumar

By Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO and Founder, KidBacker  Young entrepreneurship is taking root, growing, and blossoming right here in KidBacker’s home base of Sarasota, Florida. At the Pine View School for the Gifted, one student decided to start an organization called ThinkBox for peers with a hunger for knowledge about entrepreneurship in the real world. That student is Meghana … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Julia and Nina Mewborne

By Francesca Cassola, Sophomore Franklin & Marshall College & KidBacker Intern Sisters Julia (18) and Nina (14) Mewborne, creators of Las Hermanas Ice Cream, have embraced an entrepreneurial spirit from the start. When they were younger, they hosted lemonade stands and sold bracelets, but now, they fully operate their own ice cream truck! Able to … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emily Raleigh

By Marie Griffin, Director Content Strategy, KidBacker Emily Raleigh, who is a senior at Fordham University, has already been running her own business for more than three years. Emily is the founder and CEO of Spire & Co. (formerly Smart Girls Group), which is comprised of peer-to-peer communities, in-person conferences, a media website and newsletters. Spire … Continued

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Hannah Alper

By Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO & Founder, KidBacker If you don’t know Hannah Alper, you need to. Hannah is devoted to changing the world and a force to be reckoned with. Well spoken, insightful, and thoughtful, she is an inspiration to both young people and old. At age nine, she started blogging to express her concern for … Continued