Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cory Nieves

CEO & Founder, Cory's Cookies

By Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO and Founder, KidBacker

At only ten years old, Cory Nieves is well on the way to creating his own dynasty. He started his endeavor by selling hot cocoa to buy a car for his mother so that he wouldn’t have to ride the bus to school anymore. When he added cookies and lemonade into the mix, his business started to grow, as did the concern for his customers.

As great as cookies are, Cory wanted to sell something more nutritious than store-bought, chemical-filled, sugar disks. So he created Mr. Cory’s Cookies, a business that sells the ultimate all-natural cookies, which has expanded into online sales to make his cookies more available to everyone. We asked Cory about his experience as an entrepreneur, and why he thinks it’s a great avenue for kids to take.

Mr-Cory-cookie-stand-2013-09-29-at-18-05-15 (2)
CEO and Founder of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, Cory Nieves


KidBacker: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you and why are you one?

Cory Nieves: Being an entrepreneur to me is being innovative and working hard to start my own business. At first that wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to help get my mom a car. But as I started selling more and more cookies, I knew I wanted to make my business bigger.


KB: What is your unique business idea?

CN: I sell cookies that are made with all-natural, real ingredients and no preservatives. I plan to expand my business, but right now our upcoming plans are a secret!

Mr Cory Chocolate Chip Cookie 1 - 2014-02-04 at 16-46-41
Delicious Cookies by Cory

KB: What was the greatest challenge you faced in starting your entrepreneurial endeavor and how did you overcome it?

CN: We’re facing one of our biggest challenges right now, and that’s getting our cookie dough available for sale online. There are a lot of pieces that go into selling a fresh food product on the internet. I’m working on a Kickstarter campaign to help launch the site, and I get a lot of help from a lot of great people.


KB: What was the greatest lesson you learned through your entrepreneurial experience that you think other young entrepreneurs should be made aware of?

CN: Always listen to your clients. Sometimes it may seem like a customer has something bad to say, but they are helping you. Never give up on your dream, and always believe in your business.


KB: Why should young people consider becoming entrepreneurs?

CN: Because we have great ideas, and we are willing to work hard!

Mr. Cory’s Cookies At-A-Glance

Founder’s Age: 10

Location: Englewood, NJ

Business Type: Consumer Product Goods: Food & Beverage

Mission: To provide delicious cookies made with natural ingredients to everyone nationwide!



To learn more about Cory’s Cookies visit: Facebook page | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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