Entrepreneur Spotlight: Isabela Llevat

Co-Founder, Str8tup Kid2Kid

By Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO & Founder, KidBacker

Looking toward the future is what inspired Isabela Llevat to become one of the 18 founders of Str8up Kid2Kid. With more people using advanced technology devices, the toll it takes on posture and health is especially bad for kids, whose bodies are still growing.

Considering the number of people who are absorbed in their computer devices, Str8up Kid2Kid has the potential to touch a really big market and help a lot of people. Nevertheless, a movement of this size takes some time to organize and get off the ground.

Eventually, the partners at Str8up Kid2Kid will expand their public awareness campaign through school presentations and other educational materials, in addition to the Facebook page and upcoming website. Ultimately, they aim to empower kids to remind each other to practice posture reversal exercises and support good habits to foster long-term health and wellness for all.

The Founding Team
The Founding Team

The Str8up group includes the Raiszadeh family of Sophie (Cathedral Catholic freshman), Cyrus (La Jolla Country Day seventh grader), Kamron (Solana Santa Fe fourth grader) and Lily (Solana Santa Fe first grader); The Allen family: Julia (Torrey Pines freshman), Luke (Solana Santa Fe sixth grader) and Layton (Solana Santa Fe third grader); The Llevat family of Isabela (Bishop’s eighth grade) and Sofia (Bishop’s sixth grade); The Howard family of Will (Cathedral Catholic senior) and Sophie (Earl Warren eighth grade); The Bauer family of Grant (Solana Santa Fe sixth grader) and Carson (Solana Santa Fe fourth grader) and the Mikolajewski family of Alec (Torrey Pines junior), Luke (Torrey Pines freshman) and Stella (Solana Santa Fe fifth grader).


Str8up Kid2Kid’s first explainer video:


KidBacker had a chance to sit down with Isabela Llevat and ask her about her experience as a young entrepreneur.


KidBacker: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Isabela Llevat: Being an entrepreneur means starting a business and managing a business so that it may run on its own someday. I would like to be an entrepreneur because it’s a great learning experience that will teach me many different things that I will need to know in the future.


KB: What is Str8up Kid2Kid?

IL: Str8up Kid2Kid is a non-profit organization that has kids spread awareness to kids that if one looks down at their hand-held device for too long, it can create back and neck problems in the future.


KB: What is the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome and how did you handle it?

IL: The hardest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is how to really make kids my age understand that this problem could happen to them. The solution was to provide experiences from kids who have dealt with this problem.


KB: What have you learned about being a young entrepreneur?

IL: Something I have learned throughout this experience is that it takes a lot of patience to start up a business and that nothing happens overnight.


KB: Why should young people become entrepreneurs? 

IL: Young people should become entrepreneurs because it teaches you valuable life lessons and gives you an idea of what the real world is going to be like.


Still in its infancy, Str8up Kid2Kid is already offering a great service even before the website is up. Through Str8up Kid2Kid’s Facebook page, Isabela and her partners are delivering a consistent stream of information about the benefits of good posture, the potential risks of back pain, and posture reversal exercises that can help correct problems before they begin. As fun as hand-held devices and computers might be, using them isn’t really a natural human activity. The kids behind Str8up Kid2Kid want to make sure we take care of ourselves as we use these new tools so that we can become “superheroes” instead of “hunchbacks.”

Str8Up Kid2Kid posts great advice and tips on their Facebook page such as this tip about backpacks. “Did you know there are several health risks with wearing heavy backpacks? They include spine curvature, rounded shoulders and compression of the spine. The American Occupational Therapy Association recommends using both straps, and the weight should be distributed evenly across both shoulders to avoid muscle strains. If too heavy, the straps can put too much pressure on blood vessels and nerves in your neck and shoulders, which can lead to pain and tingling in your neck, arms, hands, and legs. A heavy backpack can cause muscle strains, which lead to poor posture that may then lead to chronic back pain.”


Best posture for wearing a backpack.
Best posture for wearing a backpack.

Str8up Kid2Kid Crowdfunding Campaign

Str8up Kid2Kid is crowdfunding using KidBacker’s crowdfunding tool to raise money to build their website, create an explainer video, print instructional materials for classrooms, pay for legal fees, and to extend their message nationwide through marketing.

If you are interested in contributing to their campaign, please click here.

Str8up Kid2Kid At-a-Glance

Location: San Diego, CA

Founders’ Ages: 8 and up

Business: Nonprofit Organization

Mission: To help kids learn how to develop good posture and avoid injuries due to the overuse of technology

Website: NA please visit their Facebook Page

Launched: 2015

Follow Str8up Kid2Kid on: Twitter | Facebook

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